The cat from Columbia

Quintana is showing everyone just how mountains are really climbed. This man from Columbia had his life saved as an infant by a shaman healer, now he’s riding with the big boys. Using shamanic energy principles is a terrific psychological advantage for bike riders. I’ve done a little work myself with pro rider Brian Astell, and fellow shaman and US Olympic Ski Team moguls skier Jillian Vogtli uses and trains skiers and bike riders to use these special techniques as well. Well, guys it’s time to learn something from the South American rider, it’s more than just about the body.

Messy race for so many riders, but really nice on the last climb to see Andy and Cadel up in the main group showing some level of power and effort….


Enough said?! (spoiler alert)

Heading into Marseilles for the final sprint for the stage win yesterday, all the big boys nicely positioned, no one had fallen, no excuses, the field was absolutely level. Who won? MARK CAVENDISH!!! THE fastest man on the planet! By more than a bike length. Cheers, Mark! Perfect. There’s nothing else to say. full stop.

Hey, Stupids, Leave Them Dogs at Home….Stage 2 Tour de France

(hum along to the tune – you know – Pink Floyd?) all and all it’s just another brick in the wall….

Seriously folks, do you have to take your dog with you? Stage Two nearly saw disaster with what would have been certain death for someone’s beloved white bundle of fur. Crazy ass drunk fans are bad enough – and there were a few of those, but it’s not the dogs fault you were dumb enough to take him curbside. It’s curb not cur….There have been tragedies in past races, people just don’t learn. Keep the kids back off the road, leave the dogs at home. 

What’s up with the Corsican flag? The piratical image? I guess so. Seems rather cobbled up like something a 4th grader would make and fly off his tree house.

So Cavendish isn’t feeling well, Get well soon Cav! We’re rooting for you!


Ah, the good old days…Roo’s Post T de F day 1

UnknownPass the red, please.
Go Cavendish!!!
I see Stuart O’ Grady is starting his 17th tour.  Is that Lance over there bitching with Pruhomme?  Has anyone filed a missing person’s report on Johan Bruyneel yet?

Boys & Buses Stage 1 of the Tour de France (spoiler alert)

So how big IS your bus, buddy? A costly but entertaining addition to the excitement of the last kilometers of Stage 1 today in Corsica somebody made their bus just too big. Much frantic discussion, though less arm waving than one would imagine considering this was Corsica, and then much nipple pinching in the peloton as riders got what must be screaming managers in their ears as race officials call for a shift of the finish line and then Oh no, a crash takes out the main sprint contenders! Move the finish line back to its original spot, give some of the second string a chance at the yellow…there will be lots of talk at the dinner table tonight. Clearly Mercury Retrograde screwing with the day, our own TiVo issues AGAIN as initial attempts to record the race failed. There we were, in our pajamas, coffee to hand….reduced to watching commercials. Tomorrow will be a smoother day….or will it?


Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Tour de Suisse coverage on BEin Sport, or is it, beIN Sport? Whatever. We really like Magnus Backstedt and Rob Hatch’s coverage. They aren’t funny, we like Carlton Kirby better for that, but Magnus really knows bike racing and makes watching even the slowest race interesting.

Meanwhile, Teejay Van Garderen (Teehayay the Spanish announcer called him) once again disappointing us with his self centered behavior. Remember during the Tour last year when he left Cadel Evans at the hill during the tacks incident? With no apologies either. Well, he did it again to Mathias Frank, the yellow jersey wearer and the rider he should have been protecting…but no….Teejay is all about…Teejay.

There’s been a lot of snarkiness in the peloton, not exactly sure why, maybe there always is and we only know about it because of the excellent coverage by Magnus and Rob. Oddly, every time they started talking about it the BeIN people went to commercial.

We’d like to see Peter Sagan move into being a GC rider…get him out of Cavendish’s way. We still think he’s an ass, and apparently we’re not alone. Perhaps he and Teejay can teach each other a lesson.

Switzerland is gorgeous. Don’t know where all the people are, but we’d love to visit – have only been to Zurich and on a train en route to Milan. Sometimes we do long for Green with a capital G.

Overall it’s been a great 9 stage race and we’ve enjoyed every minute. Thanks guys!

Where TiVo and Cycling Meet

In hell, that’s where…missed the ending of Stage 4 of the Criterium because of hockey, and then missed THE ENTIRE RACE of Stage 5 for the same reason. All the technology in the world doesn’t seem to make recording cycling work 100% of the time. Looks like we should just record the entire day. Not. It has also seemed to us that no one in the broadcasting production booth has bothered to figure out that the point of cycling only becomes clear in the last 5 minutes of programming. WTF! So I get that hockey fans need to see their matches, but seriously, do we need to see the players heading to beddy-bye in their hotel rooms, rumpled sheets and all? NBC has a history of sloppy work with timing, let’s hope they can get it right for the Tour. Surely they realize that 99% of the fans watching cycling are doing so on recorded tv? (because who would be dumb enough to sit through all those stupid commercials? never mind that European cycling happens at times of the day that we usually aren’t in front of the television.) Pull it together NBC, the technology isn’t there to know that the previous program has run long, it’s up to you. Move Cycling away from programs in the schedule that might run long.


Criterium du Dauphine

or…hang in there…something exciting will surely happen at some point…

Some of this is in and around Switzerland, but we’re still going to suggest a Cotes du Rhone because, well, it’s the area for this grape, but when isn’t a nice medium bodied cotes du Rhone a welcome idea? Now, for the racing. Happy to hear Bob Roll as the co-announcer with Steve Slanger, and we’d like to say we’re warming up to Steve after he and Todd Gogulsky did a good job of the Tour of Belgium, informative and sometimes even funny commentary. I’ve got to say I’m starting to notice a pattern with these races so far…the pattern is what, boredom? dullness? What’s missing? I’m not sure. Is it true that any race without Cavendish or Sagan or Schleck just doesn’t have the drama we need as a spectators? I’m not saying we want riders fighting, and we are certainly done with racing scandal with regard to drug taking…but surely there is more dynamic happening someplace in the peloton than we are seeing on screen? Or even on the sidelines, the team buses, with the exception of Team Sky who seem to have tripped on their own royal trains… even the fans seem a bit lackluster. More interested in taking their own photo at the race than cheering on the racers. And JUST when I said that, Bob Roll tells us that the driver of that car that hit Juan Antonio Fleche and Gianni Hoogerland in last year’s Tour de France never apologized for the accident! WTF? Someone on air mentioned that Hoogerland has never regained his form since that incident. Thanks, pal, ruin a rider’s career and don’t apologize.  It seemed in the Tour of Belgium that Tom Boonen had lost his fierce edge after a year of serious injuries. Terrific rider and we wish him well and will miss him at the Tour next month.


Tour of Belgium

As I said, we’re watching this a bit after the fact since we were completely caught up in the excitement of the Giro. Now we’re settled in with the remote, a glass of Leffe Blond for starters (the proper glass and all I will have you know…) and the National Geographic Atlas app on the iPad so we can figure out where the ride is headed. Stage one up to the North Sea coast and look at those pretty houses, from the helicopter it looked like a model train town! We had to know….3 bedrooms for $500k? yikes. Must be freezing in winter and crowded in summer, did you see all the beach cabanas? Ok, back to racing, I’m warming up to Andre Gripel. What was wrong with Cancellara’s shoe? Kids, don’t try that at home. Seriously? Steve and Todd suggested he was just wasting time because he wasn’t ‘serious’ about the race. Seriously? 

Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned…or ‘Oh Fuck….”

Our pal on this site, Roo, out with his head camera has an adventure. If you’re not familiar with Mendocino, CAs terrific mountain bike trails, come and see us!