No More Giro

And that’s the end of the Giro for 2013, really enjoyed the coverage offered by Carlton Kirby and Daniel Lloyd, hope to hear their voices again soon.

Congratulations to Mark Cavendish on an incredible Giro! Woohoo! 

Now, to catch up on our Belgian beer drinking, we will turn to TiVo for our Tour of Belgium catch up sessions. Stay tuned for a fun diversion from all this pro road cycling…


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About janegaler

I'm a writer, poet, and shaman. I have a BA in philosophy, an MA in Material Culture Studies and I am a full mesa carrying shaman of the Inca tradition with roots in my Celtic ancestry. Most recent publications include "Becoming Hummingbird: Charting Your Life Journey the Shaman's Way", 'The Navigator's Wife' historical fiction, and 'The Spirit Birds' poetry collection. I'm an avid cycling fan...I learned from being a Cubs fan that we have to stick with the guys through thick and thin. Haven't missed a Tour on tv in ten years, and love sharing this passion with my cycling husband.

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