Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned…or ‘Oh Fuck….”

Our pal on this site, Roo, out with his head camera has an adventure. If you’re not familiar with Mendocino, CAs terrific mountain bike trails, come and see us!


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I'm a writer, poet, and shaman. I have a BA in philosophy, an MA in Material Culture Studies and I am a full mesa carrying shaman of the Inca tradition with roots in my Celtic ancestry. Most recent publications include "Becoming Hummingbird: Charting Your Life Journey the Shaman's Way", 'The Navigator's Wife' historical fiction, and 'The Spirit Birds' poetry collection. I'm an avid cycling fan...I learned from being a Cubs fan that we have to stick with the guys through thick and thin. Haven't missed a Tour on tv in ten years, and love sharing this passion with my cycling husband.

One response to “Sometimes it doesn’t go as planned…or ‘Oh Fuck….””

  1. rooleur says :

    I have survived that 15′ drop to ride again. Fortunately, the duff was soft. It wasn’t what I was intending to do, but that’s most of life anyway. As I get older I begin to realize this. Chaos is always in control.

    The fall was an unusual situation. Our riding up on the North Coast is much safer than what happened here. It is phenomenal riding to say the least and I have ridden in many areas around America! We have hundreds of miles of off road riding on single and double trails for all abilities. The Jackson Demonstration State Forest is the largest in California at 48,000+ acres.

    Maps and Guidebooks are now available. Second edition of “Mountain Biking the Mendocino Coast and Beyond” is available throughout the area in most book and sporting good stores.

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