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The cat from Columbia

Quintana is showing everyone just how mountains are really climbed. This man from Columbia had his life saved as an infant by a shaman healer, now he’s riding with the big boys. Using shamanic energy principles is a terrific psychological advantage for bike riders. I’ve done a little work myself with pro rider Brian Astell, and fellow shaman and US Olympic Ski Team moguls skier Jillian Vogtli uses and trains skiers and bike riders to use these special techniques as well. Well, guys it’s time to learn something from the South American rider, it’s more than just about the body.

Messy race for so many riders, but really nice on the last climb to see Andy and Cadel up in the main group showing some level of power and effort….


Enough said?! (spoiler alert)

Heading into Marseilles for the final sprint for the stage win yesterday, all the big boys nicely positioned, no one had fallen, no excuses, the field was absolutely level. Who won? MARK CAVENDISH!!! THE fastest man on the planet! By more than a bike length. Cheers, Mark! Perfect. There’s nothing else to say. full stop.

Hey, Stupids, Leave Them Dogs at Home….Stage 2 Tour de France

(hum along to the tune – you know – Pink Floyd?) all and all it’s just another brick in the wall….

Seriously folks, do you have to take your dog with you? Stage Two nearly saw disaster with what would have been certain death for someone’s beloved white bundle of fur. Crazy ass drunk fans are bad enough – and there were a few of those, but it’s not the dogs fault you were dumb enough to take him curbside. It’s curb not cur….There have been tragedies in past races, people just don’t learn. Keep the kids back off the road, leave the dogs at home. 

What’s up with the Corsican flag? The piratical image? I guess so. Seems rather cobbled up like something a 4th grader would make and fly off his tree house.

So Cavendish isn’t feeling well, Get well soon Cav! We’re rooting for you!