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Criterium du Dauphine

or…hang in there…something exciting will surely happen at some point…

Some of this is in and around Switzerland, but we’re still going to suggest a Cotes du Rhone because, well, it’s the area for this grape, but when isn’t a nice medium bodied cotes du Rhone a welcome idea? Now, for the racing. Happy to hear Bob Roll as the co-announcer with Steve Slanger, and we’d like to say we’re warming up to Steve after he and Todd Gogulsky did a good job of the Tour of Belgium, informative and sometimes even funny commentary. I’ve got to say I’m starting to notice a pattern with these races so far…the pattern is what, boredom? dullness? What’s missing? I’m not sure. Is it true that any race without Cavendish or Sagan or Schleck just doesn’t have the drama we need as a spectators? I’m not saying we want riders fighting, and we are certainly done with racing scandal with regard to drug taking…but surely there is more dynamic happening someplace in the peloton than we are seeing on screen? Or even on the sidelines, the team buses, with the exception of Team Sky who seem to have tripped on their own royal trains… even the fans seem a bit lackluster. More interested in taking their own photo at the race than cheering on the racers. And JUST when I said that, Bob Roll tells us that the driver of that car that hit Juan Antonio Fleche and Gianni Hoogerland in last year’s Tour de France never apologized for the accident! WTF? Someone on air mentioned that Hoogerland has never regained his form since that incident. Thanks, pal, ruin a rider’s career and don’t apologize.  It seemed in the Tour of Belgium that Tom Boonen had lost his fierce edge after a year of serious injuries. Terrific rider and we wish him well and will miss him at the Tour next month.



Beer it is!

(Spoiler alert)…

Liege Baston Liege….up and down and around in the Ardenne looking like winter has only just left the region. All the more reason to start and finish the day with a nice dark beer. We started out with Belgian beers, of course, since Phillip Gilbert was slated to take it…instead he just got to wave to his parent’s house and Dan Martin crossed the finish line (why must you dilly dally at the very end?) to, I’m sure, endless bottoms up toasts back in Ireland. Guinness it is!

Steve Schlanger and Paul Sherwin navigated the race for us. Ahem Steve, we didn’t need to know that Dan Martin couldn’t win the next race we get to watch because he fell. That would be La Fleche Wallone, which was aired over the last weekend, BUT WE DON’T GET TO SEE IT UNTIL THURSDAY. SUCKY, GUYS AT NBCSPORTS. Come on, just because you have never watched a bike race doesn’t mean you can’t figure out that one wants to watch them IN ORDER! Sheesh.

Anyway, Slainté, Dan Martin.