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La Fleche Wallonne

More Belgian countryside, and nice to see Andy Schleck smiling. Sorry not to be seeing Frank racing yet, out on suspension for an unintentional drug ingestion. So how does that work? Note to riders, don’t take water bottles from anyone but your team crew. Anyway, noticing, over a nice Leffe Blonde – definitely the beer to start with– that most Ardennes villages have new construction, meaning post WWII 1945, with now and again a skeleton of a medieval church or abbey. 

Moving on to dessert beers (who knew?) we love the framboise but certainly Krek cherry beer is the famous one. If the races continue to be boring we may have to start talking about the exotic Belgian beer making techniques unmatched anywhere else in the world. 

Uphill finnish up the Huy, rooting for Phillip Gilbert but….oh well…who? Doesn’t matter, at least they beat Peter Sagan. 

Now here’s the real point of this coverage….women ride bikes? Who knew? Congratulations to Marianne Vos who apparently wins this one all the time, but even now we only get to see her cross the finish line…it’s a complete aside…perhaps we could at least have a small version of the race? The truth is, men don’t care about women racing bikes, and who runs the sports networks? yeah… hey, cycle-girls, you should BOYcott…girlcott?  whatever….