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Boys & Buses Stage 1 of the Tour de France (spoiler alert)

So how big IS your bus, buddy? A costly but entertaining addition to the excitement of the last kilometers of Stage 1 today in Corsica somebody made their bus just too big. Much frantic discussion, though less arm waving than one would imagine considering this was Corsica, and then much nipple pinching in the peloton as riders got what must be screaming managers in their ears as race officials call for a shift of the finish line and then Oh no, a crash takes out the main sprint contenders! Move the finish line back to its original spot, give some of the second string a chance at the yellow…there will be lots of talk at the dinner table tonight. Clearly Mercury Retrograde screwing with the day, our own TiVo issues AGAIN as initial attempts to record the race failed. There we were, in our pajamas, coffee to hand….reduced to watching commercials. Tomorrow will be a smoother day….or will it?