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E3 Harlebeke (spoiler alert)

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E3 Harlebeke

Coming to you live from in front of the recorded race on TV (thank you TiVo), a nice glass of white wine at my side, hubby safely home from another grueling day on the mountain bike trails of Mendocino county snoozing at my side…

And the award for ‘are you nuts??’ goes to Paolini who removed his leg warmers while peddling hard to keep up with the peloton in the E3 Harlebeke, a crazy little ride in the Flanders portion of Belgium where, by the way, spring has definitely not sprung.

Peter Sagan (Peder, that is, thank you Todd) hungry to steal the thunder from Fab Fabian and Tom Boonan (thrilled to still have two arms after a bad mountain bike event– (are you listening honey??)). Tiny little single track lanes which sometime in mid summer might be gorgeous, but right now in March…uh..nope, not so much.

One of the fun parts of watching racing in Europe is the scenery, and the houses. “Oh yeah, I’ll take that Chateau,” you’ll hear me say that a lot come July. Belgium? Not so much. You can tell they get too much snow, the roof line dominates the house construction style. The land is flat farmland, but where are the animals? Always the sign of a corporate presence when farms are single purpose. Family farming– a few cows, a few pigs and chickens, a decent crop summer and winter….has been replaced with government subsidized farming on a ticket. No cows coming home here.

Note to riders, it might be easier to ride in the gutter, but did you ever see Laugh In back in the 70s? Slow motion tip over. Ouch! Embarrassing.

‘Achtervoglers’ is your Flemish word of the day. Pretty sure it’s ‘breakaway group’, the French would call it ‘tete de la course’ – head of the course, here it’s anyone in front of the main body (Peloton).

I don’t think there are any Americans in this race so tempers are cool and no one’s done anything rude.

Congratulations to Fabian Cancellara, once again showing us who has it and who doesn’t!