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Where TiVo and Cycling Meet

In hell, that’s where…missed the ending of Stage 4 of the Criterium because of hockey, and then missed THE ENTIRE RACE of Stage 5 for the same reason. All the technology in the world doesn’t seem to make recording cycling work 100% of the time. Looks like we should just record the entire day. Not. It has also seemed to us that no one in the broadcasting production booth has bothered to figure out that the point of cycling only becomes clear in the last 5 minutes of programming. WTF! So I get that hockey fans need to see their matches, but seriously, do we need to see the players heading to beddy-bye in their hotel rooms, rumpled sheets and all? NBC has a history of sloppy work with timing, let’s hope they can get it right for the Tour. Surely they realize that 99% of the fans watching cycling are doing so on recorded tv? (because who would be dumb enough to sit through all those stupid commercials? never mind that European cycling happens at times of the day that we usually aren’t in front of the television.) Pull it together NBC, the technology isn’t there to know that the previous program has run long, it’s up to you. Move Cycling away from programs in the schedule that might run long.