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Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese

Tour de Suisse coverage on BEin Sport, or is it, beIN Sport? Whatever. We really like Magnus Backstedt and Rob Hatch’s coverage. They aren’t funny, we like Carlton Kirby better for that, but Magnus really knows bike racing and makes watching even the slowest race interesting.

Meanwhile, Teejay Van Garderen (Teehayay the Spanish announcer called him) once again disappointing us with his self centered behavior. Remember during the Tour last year when he left Cadel Evans at the hill during the tacks incident? With no apologies either. Well, he did it again to Mathias Frank, the yellow jersey wearer and the rider he should have been protecting…but no….Teejay is all about…Teejay.

There’s been a lot of snarkiness in the peloton, not exactly sure why, maybe there always is and we only know about it because of the excellent coverage by Magnus and Rob. Oddly, every time they started talking about it the BeIN people went to commercial.

We’d like to see Peter Sagan move into being a GC rider…get him out of Cavendish’s way. We still think he’s an ass, and apparently we’re not alone. Perhaps he and Teejay can teach each other a lesson.

Switzerland is gorgeous. Don’t know where all the people are, but we’d love to visit – have only been to Zurich and on a train en route to Milan. Sometimes we do long for Green with a capital G.

Overall it’s been a great 9 stage race and we’ve enjoyed every minute. Thanks guys!