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Tour of Belgium

As I said, we’re watching this a bit after the fact since we were completely caught up in the excitement of the Giro. Now we’re settled in with the remote, a glass of Leffe Blond for starters (the proper glass and all I will have you know…) and the National Geographic Atlas app on the iPad so we can figure out where the ride is headed. Stage one up to the North Sea coast and look at those pretty houses, from the helicopter it looked like a model train town! We had to know….3 bedrooms for $500k? yikes. Must be freezing in winter and crowded in summer, did you see all the beach cabanas? Ok, back to racing, I’m warming up to Andre Gripel. What was wrong with Cancellara’s shoe? Kids, don’t try that at home. Seriously? Steve and Todd suggested he was just wasting time because he wasn’t ‘serious’ about the race. Seriously?